Supercut Prices | High, low and medium prices (2023)

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Prices for Supercuts are hard to come by. After all, many of the salons are franchises. Luckily for you, we've rounded up several salons across the country to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

What are the prices for Supercuts?

Supercut prices are among the best on the market. This nationwide network of beauty salons offers customers a full range of services that go beyond just cutting hair.

When you visit one of them2,400 locations, you can cut your hair, trim, color or highlight, style, shampoo and conditioner, waxes and much more.

Starting with the prices of the Supercuts$14 for a haircut and $25 for highlights, it's hard to find a salon that offers a more affordable hair care experience.

If you want to know exactly how much Supercuts charges for its services, I've found that you can't trust some third-party estimates and speculative prices on the web.

Many of these prices are based on general averages from other salons or are years old.All Supercuts salons post their service schedule along with prices for you to check at any time.

But most of us prefer to know prices in advance. That's why we checked some Supercuts salons across the country to find out their exact prices and get a national average.

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Keep reading to see how much you pay for each service at Supercuts, compare prices in different locations, and find out what the national averages are for this chain of highly regarded salons.

Average prices for Supercuts

ServiceLow levelAverageHigh quality
super cut15,95 $18,45 $20,95 $
Super Court II20,95 $22,45 $23,95 $
Super Corte III29,95 $36,98 $$ 44
Supercut Jr. and Mr.13,95 $16,45 $18,95 $
Shampoo$ 5$ 6,5$ 8
conditioning treatment$ 1212,5 $$ 13
Tea Tree Experience$ 10$ 10$ 10
Drying with dryer/hot tool$ 23$ 30$ 37
beard/pony cut$ 99,5 $$ 10
super cor$ 25$ 35$ 45
tip color$ 25$ 35$ 45
highlights$ 3072,5 $$ 115
To grow$ 5$ 8,5$ 12

supercut ratesanywhere from $14 to $44 for a haircut, depending on the add-ons you apply to your visit. At the lower end of the price range ($14 to $20) is the entry-level Supercut®.

At the top end ($22 to $44) is the Supercut III®, which comes with bonuses like a shampoo and dryer.If you're getting a color service (full or partial highlights, color peaking, gray coverage), Supercuts prices start at $25.

GeneralSupercolor® services usually start at $35.For basic services that can be combined with a haircut or purchased à la carte, such as washing, blow-drying, bangs and a beard trim, and the Tea Tree Experience, prices range from around US$5 to around US$10 .

Explosion styles for long hair cost more.Brow, lip, and chin waxes range from $6 to $10in most Supercuts locations. Eyebrow wax usually costs a dollar or two more than lip and chin wax.

For a more detailed look at how Supercuts prices its services and what each service includes, see Supercuts pricing by service below.

Prices of supercuts per service

Supercuts offers a range of hair services. They usually list their haircuts asSupercut, Supercut II, Supercut III e Supercut IV. Most locations also offer a Supercut Jr. for kids under 12 and a Supercut Mr. for seniors aged 65 and over.

Before we get into the pricing of these services, let's see what each service includes.

hair cutting services

  • Supercut®:Haircut and Refresher® hot towel
  • Supercut II®: Shampoo, Haircut, Refresher® Hot Towel
  • Super Corte III®: Shampoo, haircut, blow-dry, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Super Corte IV®: Shampoo, Haircut, Blow Dry, Hot Tool Styling, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut jr.®: Children's cut (up to 12 years old) and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercorte Sr.®: Senior Haircut (65+) and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • beard/pony cut: Cut limited to beard or bangs between visits

hairdressing services

  • dry with dryer:A simple blow dry after a shampoo
  • Ausblasen:Blow dry for a sleek style after washing
  • Hot-Tool-Styling:Flat iron or flat iron for styling hair after drying

hair coloring services

  • Supercolor®:Hair color applied throughout to achieve an even look
  • Highlights:Lighten small sections of hair with bleach to add dimension
  • dim light:Small dark sections of colored hair to add dimension
  • Principal Cor: Apply the color only to the ends (tips) of the hair.
  • gray mix:Dispersed application of color to blend and reduce gray

Complementary services

  • Shampoo:A shampoo before cutting or styling your hair
  • Conditioning treatment:Deep conditioning treatment applied to hair after shampooing
  • Tea Tree Experience:Tea tree shampoo and scalp massage
  • To grow:Apply hot wax to eyebrows, lips or chin to remove unwanted hair

Different locations charge their own prices, so you might see that some Supercuts charge more or less for a service than others. We want to help you get an idea of ​​the price range for different services.

That's why we took a close look at prices from six different US locations.These locations are in New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Tennessee and California.

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Overall, we saw the highest prices for Supercuts in New York, followed by California. The lowest prices on Supercuts we looked at were in Tennessee and Michigan.

Here's a look at the individual prices for services in these different locations. We've ranked them from the most expensive places on our list to the cheapest.

Supercut Prices in New York, NY

ServiceLow levelHigh quality
super cut20,95 $-
Super Court II$ 23-
Super Corte III$ 32$ 44
Supercut Jr. and Mr.18,95 $-
Shampoo$ 8-
conditioning treatment$ 13-
Tea Tree Experience$ 10-
Drying with dryer/hot tool$ 23$ 37
beard/pony cut$ 9-
super cor$25 or more-
tip color$ 25$ 45
highlights$ 55$ 115
glazing$ 40$ 50
To grow$ 6$ 8

Prices for Supercuts in Salinas, CA

ServiceLow levelHigh quality
super cut18,95 $-
Super Court II23,95 $-
Super Corte III35,95 $-
Supercut Jr. and Mr.16,95 $-
Shampoo$ 5-
conditioning treatment$ 12-
Tea Tree Experience$ 10-
Drying with dryer/hot tool$ 35$ 37
beard/pony cut9,95 $for top
super cor$ 45for top
highlights$ 30for top
gray mix$ 30for top
To grow$ 10-

Supercut Prices in Roxbury, MA

ServiceLow levelHigh quality
super cut17,95 $-
Super Court II22,95 $-
Super Corte III34,95 $-
Supercut Jr. and Mr.15,95 $-
Shampoo$ 5-
conditioning treatment$ 12-
Tea Tree Experience$ 10-
Drying with dryer/hot tool$ 30-
beard/pony cut9,95 $-
super cor$ 30for top
highlights$ 30for top
gray mix$ 30for top
all in color$ 45for top
To grow$ 10-

Oakland, PA Supercuts Prices

ServiceLow levelHigh quality
super cut17,95 $-
Super Court II20,95 $-
Super Corte III29,95 $-
Super Corte IV39,95 $
Supercut Jr. and Mr.12,95 $-
Shampoo$ 6-
Ausblasen$ 25-
Shampoo and Drying$ 30-
Hot-Tool-Stil$ 25-
Shampoo-, Blowout- e Hot-Tool-Stil$ 40,00-
beard/pony cut$ 7-
Special Occasion Jr (pinned or braided)$ 30-
To grow$ 8$ 10
super corprice variesconsultation required

Pricing for Supercuts in Sterling Heights, MI

ServiceLow levelHigh quality
super cut15,95 $-
Supercut jr.13,95 $-
Supercorte Sr.14,95 $-
conditioning treatment$ 12for top
outbreaks$ 25for top
highlights$ 25for top
gray mix$ 30for top
all in color$ 50for top
To grow$ 5$ 12

Prices for Supercuts in Mt. Juliet, TN

ServiceLow levelHigh quality
super cut15,95 $-
Supercut jr.13,95 $-
Supercorte Sr.14,95 $-
conditioning treatment$ 12for top
outbreaks$ 25for top
highlights$ 25for top
gray mix$ 30for top
all in color$ 50for top
To grow$ 5$ 12

Average prices for Supercuts

Across the country, the price of a basic haircut (Supercut®) at Supercuts ranges from $14 to $21. Most are between $16 and $18.The price of a shampoo haircut (Supercut II®) ranges from $17 to $24. Most are around $20 to $22.

The price of a haircut with shampoo and dryer ranges from $24 to $44. Most are between $32 and $35.Haircuts for kids and seniors range from $13 to $18.

They typically pay around $5 more to add a shampoo to a service and around $12 to add a blow dryer. If you want a conditioning treatment, it costs between $10 and $13.

Get the Tea Tree Experience with a scalp massage for $8-$10.For a complete blast and style, you'll pay anywhere from $14 to $37, depending on your location.

Full paints start at $25 but can go as high as $50. Highlights also start at $25 but can go as high as $115 for full highlights in certain locations. Lace color ranges from $25 to $45.

Gray mix is ​​$25-$30 in most cases.If you buy eyebrow, lip, or chin wax, expect the price to be between $6 and $10.

Lip and chin waxes usually cost a little less than brow waxes, but some sites charge a flat fee of $10 for the entire wax.

Keep reading: How much should you tip a barber?

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Supercut pricing compared to other chains

Supercut Prices | High, low and medium prices (1)

So is Supercuts really a good place for an affordable haircut and style? We think so. While some of Supercuts' metro locations have higher prices than their other locations, average prices are still quite low.

consider thisAn average haircut in the US costs $35up. If you look at high-end salons, prices can run into the hundreds and even thousands.

With haircuts inSupercuts ab 14 $and as low as $44 for an on-site New York City cut, shampoo, and blow-dry, this is a very affordable price in comparison.

You can find a haircut in a salon a little cheaper than supercuts.Amazing Clips (cuts from $13).

But for a salon that also offers coloring, waxing and a variety of styling options, the price of a cut at Supercuts is low. We think it's worth stopping by!

Click for FAQ

What is the current price of a haircut?

According to Men's Health, the average price for a men's haircut is $28. For women, the average price is $60 to $80. $14 for a basic cut, $16 with wash and cut, and $20 and up including blow-dry and styling.

Are Supercuts or Great Clips better?

Both salons offer a variety of services and places to explore. Supercuts is most popular with customers looking for styling guides and products. Great Clips offers many exclusive offers. Supercuts is the best option for women as Great Clips is not intended for women's hair care. Great Clips is known for its alternative men's services such as: B. Beard Care.

Is $60 expensive for a haircut?

At Supercuts, a $60 haircut looks expensive. In other salons, however, women typically pay between $60 and $80 for a wash and cut service. Many salons charge for their services based on hair length, stylist experience, and salon preference. On average, men pay less than women for hairdressing services.

How much does Supercuts charge for a woman's haircut?

A Supercuts haircut ranges from $14 to $20 and up. This depends on the type of service you want to include in your cut. A simple cut is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, while a wash, cut, blow and style will cost more. Compared to most other hairdressers, prices for women's haircuts at Supercuts are reasonable.

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Is Supercuts good for cutting hair?

Supercuts offers good haircuts at an affordable price. On average, Supercuts reviews are positive, but between 3 and 4 stars on business review sites like The quality of the Supercut haircut varies from city to city, depending on the stylist. Check your local Supercuts reviews for a more targeted view of local reviews.

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