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job overview

The case worker will be a registered general nurse and will practice under the supervision of a midwife to monitor women during the postpartum period in the maternity ward.

The employer is the primary care provider requiring supervision and works as a member of the postnatal care team at the hospital with a focus on women's care needs.

The case worker will work in accordance with the NMC Code of Practice (2015) and Northampton General Hospital Maternity Guidelines.

For more information contact:

Laura Lee - Nurse (temporary) - laura.lee19@nhs.net or 01604 54(4291) / 07548 558587

main tasks of the job

The incumbent will ensure a high standard of care through the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care programs. You will work closely with midwives, postnatal unit managers and members of the multidisciplinary team in overseeing and maintaining medical care policies and standards.

The employer will carry out all relevant forms of care under supervision and, if competent, demonstrate the care procedures; Supervise qualified and/or unskilled junior staff, including midwifery students, while maintaining a safe work environment.

The incumbent will ensure a high standard of care through the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care programs. You will work closely with the lead midwife and shift midwife and members of the multidisciplinary team in overseeing and maintaining care policies and standards.

The employer will carry out all relevant forms of care under supervision and, if competent, demonstrate the care procedures; Supervise qualified and/or unskilled junior staff, including midwifery students, while maintaining a safe work environment.

O Name

Northampton General Hospital is one of the largest employers in the region and we are on an exciting journey. All of our departments are striving to become better and more efficient with updates, modernizations and further developments. We also entered a group model with neighboring Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and became University Hospitals of Northamptonshire.

Our values ​​of excellence

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We aim to recruit the best people to deliver our services at Northamptonshire University Hospitals and to help realize each individual's full potential. As an organization, we value the way we communicate and advertise our open positions to all communities.

We are a positive defense foundation supporting our reservists, veterans, spouses and partners.

The Hospital Group welcomes applications from people from all protected groups, particularly BAME, disabled and LGBTQ+ people, as these are under-represented in our hospitals.

We understand that we need to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and ensure the environment in which they work is inclusive and collaborative.

We have active networks that encourage and support colleagues from different backgrounds. This ensures everyone feels supported and a sense of belonging when working for Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals.

job description

responsibilities at work

Clinical Responsibilities:

Postnatal care for the mother and family with a particular focus on post-surgical care for women and support for midwives in caring for sick women after childbirth.

Be aware of the needs of our multicultural and diverse community, including vulnerable and disadvantaged families.

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You will assess patient care needs and the development and implementation of patient care programs and participate in their evaluation

Ensuring that a high standard of medical care is maintained at all times and assisting in the review and regular updating of those standards

Ability to recognize and respond appropriately to changes in patient condition and safety. Ability to use the SEPSIS and Maternity SBAR tool, MEOWS and NEWTT charts after appropriate training

Comply with all rules of trust to ensure professional, clinical and patient safety.

Ability to safely and independently administer medication per NMC guidelines and Confidence Policy

Observe the principles of infection control and cross-infection prevention in relation to patient care and the clinical setting.

You must be able to convey basic care information and respond to requests from patients, their family members/carers and members of the multidisciplinary team

Administer IV drug therapy and administer blood products/transfusions following a training program that assesses the competency and level of practice required to work safely within the Trust's policies and procedures

Care and control of medications and controlled drugs used in patient care, knowledge of systems for safe administration, and ordering and maintenance of supplies

Supporting midwifery and nursing students, providing feedback on all acquired competencies related to nursing practice

Provide infant feeding support after completing a training course in accordance with BFI guidelines and NGH infant feeding guidelines

Conduct newborn observations following education, training and competency assessment. Report any abnormalities to the responsible midwife

Management – ​​Take an active role in identifying and reporting incidents or near misses using Trust Poilcy

Management tasks:

Attend and contribute to relevant meetings

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Organize your daily workload in the clinical area under supervision yourself

Supporting midwives in their daily work in clinical areas

Assist in the induction of new staff to the ward where this is within the scope of the practice, assist in supervising their work and report their progress to the Head Midwife

To ensure device testing is complete and the environment is preserved, all failures/repairs are reported through the appropriate channel

Be aware of child protection issues and reach out to older colleagues

Keep the department environment safe at all times

Educational training and further education:

Conduct appropriate activities to update clinical knowledge and skills and demonstrate continuous professional development using available resources

Participate in clinical training, including the training and supervision of new staff, non-qualified staff and midwifery students on a ward within the nursing practice

Conduct an assessment with the Department Head of Development Planning at least once a year

Educate patients and family members/visitors on the ward about infection control

Provides advice on health promotion and disease prevention

Professional and legal responsibilities:

Be aware of the hazards associated with the use of equipment and report any equipment malfunctions to the lead midwife/midwife responsible for the shift

Familiarize yourself with fire, health and safety codes, and other foundation guidelines

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Report all accidents and complaints in accordance with agreed policies and assist in investigation of complaints and accidents as needed

Be familiar with all Nursing and Babifery Trust rules and procedures

Document all care/interventions in accordance with the NMC Code using paper or electronic records

Maintain a professional portfolio

person specification

Education, training and qualifications


  • Current first level NMC registration.
  • Proof of the obligation to revalidate according to the requirements of the NMC.


  • Completion of Nursing Studies.
  • Bachelor's degree in Studies related to Health and Nursing.
  • Mentoring or teaching qualification.

knowledge and experience


  • Healthcare care experience for a group of patients.
  • Understanding the delivery of medical care to a group of patients.


  • Proof of publication and presentation of the project results.
  • Proof of clinical efficacy, research and testing.



  • Demonstrate teamwork and the ability to work effectively in a team.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess, plan, prioritize, deliver, and evaluate patient care.
  • Demonstrate the ability to prioritize own workload and to identify, prioritize and respond appropriately to urgent and emergency situations.
  • Dexterity and accuracy in performing clinical skills and documentation.
  • Competent and capable of handling medical equipment.
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.


  • Capable of performing both patient and non-patient manual handling maneuvers.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current NHS issues.
  • Qualification in consulting and/or coaching skills.
  • Knowledge of patient management systems.
  • Venipuncture, cannulation, competent to administer drugs intravenously.

Key competences, personal qualities and characteristics



  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with staff, patients, families and caregivers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to work under pressure and ask for help when needed.
  • Must be able to demonstrate behavior consistent with the Trust's vision and values.
  • Must be able to demonstrate understanding and conduct in accordance with the October 2015 NMC Code.
  • Can demonstrate reflective practice.
  • Be a role model for others.
  • Flexible and resistant.
  • Ability to remain positive during service changes and challenges.

All attachments are available after you click Apply.

265- 5309310


Who is the head of Northampton General Hospital? ›

Heidi Smoult, CEO

Heidi joined NGH as Hospital Chief Executive in August 2021. Prior to this, Heidi was at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) where she held the role of Deputy Chief Inspector for seven years.

Who is the head of midwifery in Northampton? ›

Sheran Oke - Director of Nursing Midwifery & Patient Services - Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust | LinkedIn.

What does Northampton General Hospital Specialise in? ›

We provide provides general acute services for a population of 380,000 and hyper-acute stroke, vascular and renal services to almost 700,000 people living throughout whole of Northamptonshire.

How big is Northampton hospital? ›

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (NGH) is an acute hospital with around 790 beds and a 24-hour Emergency Department (A&E).

Who is the white haired guy on General hospital? ›

Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) | General Hospital Wiki | Fandom.

Who owns Martin General hospital? ›

WILLIAMSTON, N.C., Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Affinity Health Partners ("Affinity"), a diversified healthcare company based in Plano, Texas, owned and managed by Frank Avignone, announced today it has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire Martin General Hospital in Williamston, North Carolina.

What is the highest education midwife? ›

Whether you choose a master's or a doctoral degree, you'll be highly trained in the care of women and their babies. To become a certified nurse midwife (CNM), you'll need to earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a specialty in midwifery.

Who is the mother of midwifery? ›

Ina May Gaskin (née Middleton; born March 8, 1940) is an American midwife who has been described as "the mother of authentic midwifery." She helped found the self-sustaining community, The Farm, with her husband Stephen Gaskin in 1971 where she markedly launched her career in midwifery.

Who are the Granny midwives? ›

The granny midwives were well respected Black women from the South who provided care to poor and rural women during pregnancy and labor at a time when hospitals were not accessible to them. They were family counselors, breastfeeding consultants, postpartum doulas, nutritionists, and advocates.

Is Northampton General Hospital a good place to work? ›

Productive and efficient workplace

Great place to work, where you really make a difference. It allows you to develop professionally and meet people from all walks of life.

Which NHS trust is Northampton? ›

Overview - Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust - NHS.

Which trust is Northampton General Hospital under? ›

Hospitals and clinics - Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust - NHS.

What is the largest hospital in North America? ›

Largest Hospitals
  • Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (Baton Rouge, La. ...
  • Mayo Clinic Hospital-Methodist Campus (Rochester, Minn. ...
  • ProMedica Toledo (Ohio) Hospital: 794 beds.
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston): 793 beds.
  • North Shore University Hospital (Manhasset, N.Y.): 738 beds.
Feb 28, 2023

What is the largest hospital in the world? ›

Texas Medical Center (TMC) — the largest medical complex in the world — is at the forefront of advancing life sciences. Home to the brightest minds in medicine, TMC nurtures cross-institutional collaboration, creativity, and innovation because together, we can push the limits of what's possible.

What is the largest hospital in Northern Virginia? ›

Inova Fairfax Medical Campus is the largest hospital campus in Northern Virginia and the flagship hospital of Inova Health System.

Who is the pregnant girl on General Hospital? ›

General Hospital's Sofia Mattson is expanding her family! The actress, who plays Sasha Gilmore on the ABC soap opera, is pregnant, expecting her second baby with husband Thomas Payton, she revealed on Instagram Thursday.

How old is Jeannie Francis? ›

Who is the new female character on General Hospital? ›

Tabyana Ali. In the spring of 2022, the daytime newcomer took over the role of Trina from Sydney Mikayla, who bid adieu to Port Charles to focus on college.

Is General Hospital owned by Disney? ›

General Hospital (commonly abbreviated GH) is the longest-running ABC Daytime American soap opera broadcast on the American Broadcasting Company television network.
General Hospital
Production company(s)Selmur Productions (1963-1968) ABC Signature (1968-present)
DistributorDisney Platform Distribution
21 more rows

How many beds does Martin General Hospital have? ›

Martin General Hospital is your community healthcare provider; a 49-bed facility that provides complete inpatient, outpatient, medical.

Who bought O Connor hospital? ›

O'Connor Hospital is now part of the County of Santa Clara Health System, a collection of Santa Clara county owned and operated medical facilities that offer medical care throughout Santa Clara County.

How old are most midwives? ›

As of December 31, 2021, there were a total of 13,409 AMCB-certified midwives in the United States of which 13,287 (99.1%) were CNMs and 122 (0.9%) were CMs. The average age of midwives was 49 years old (SD 12.8). Midwives 65 or older represented 16.1% (2,160) of all CNM/CMs.

What are the best states to be a midwife in? ›

Best-Paying States for Nurse Midwives

The states and districts that pay Nurse Midwives the highest mean salary are West Virginia ($163,190), Utah ($143,890), California ($137,070), Massachusetts ($129,360), and New York ($126,170). How Much Do Nurse Midwives Make in Your City?

What is the highest pay for a midwife? ›

Highest-Paying Workplaces for Nurse Midwives
Workplace SettingAverage Salary
Outpatient care centers$146,430
Offices of Physicians$113,920
General medical and surgical hospitals$119,900
Colleges, universities, and professional schools$107,130
1 more row

What is a male midwife called? ›

Men who work as midwives are called midwives (or male midwives, if it is necessary to identify them further) or accoucheurs; the term midhusband (based on a misunderstanding of the etymology of midwife) is occasionally encountered, mostly as a joke. In previous centuries, they were called man-midwives in English.

How old is the youngest midwife? ›

A nine-year-old girl has been hailed Britain's youngest midwife - after she delivered both her baby sisters when her mother went into labour at home. Francesca Goodby from Bearwood first sprang into action when her mother Kay gave birth on the bathroom floor two years ago.

What is the difference between a midwife and an obstetrician? ›

A midwife is unable to provide care for high-risk or complicated pregnancies. Meanwhile, an obstetrician is trained to handle any pregnancy-related issues that arise to complicate delivery, including performing Cesarean sections. Midwives can be present for these procedures but are unqualified to perform them.

What were Black midwives called? ›

By the early 1920s the terms “granny,” and “granny-midwife” were synonymous with black midwives in the rural South.

Why are Black midwives important? ›

Early African American midwives were important members of their community, even among enslaved individuals. Slave owners used these medical practitioners to ensure the health of their reproducing enslaved women and their newborn infants to expand their labor force.

Who is the best midwife in the world? ›

Ina May Gaskin, who has been called “the most famous midwife in the world,” has brought new life to midwifery in the US and beyond, combining scientific evidence and analysis with her broad experience with natural medicine.

What is the hardest job in the hospital? ›

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in Healthcare
  • Dental Lab Tech. Last on the list of most stressful jobs are the Dental Lab Techs. ...
  • Home Health Aide. ...
  • Nurse's Aide. ...
  • Respiratory Therapist. ...
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) ...
  • Registered Nurse (RN) ...
  • Physician Assistant. ...
  • Physician (General Practice)
Oct 9, 2017

Who are the highest paid hospital workers? ›

Anesthesiologists earn the highest salary of all jobs in the medical field. Nurse anesthetists earn the most out of all nurses. High-paying positions usually require a medical doctor degree and a residency.

What is the best hospital to work for in the US? ›

According to the latest U.S. News hospital rankings, prestigious medical facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins continue to top the best hospitals list.

What is the biggest NHS trust in England? ›

  • Fast facts. Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in London and one of Britain's leading healthcare providers: ...
  • St Bartholomew's Hospital. ...
  • The Royal London Hospital. ...
  • Mile End Hospital. ...
  • Whipps Cross Hospital. ...
  • Newham Hospital.

Is there a difference between the NHS and the NHS trust? ›

NHS foundation trusts are not-for-profit, public benefit corporations. They are part of the NHS and provide over half of all NHS hospital, mental health and ambulance services. NHS foundation trusts were created to devolve decision making from central government to local organisations and communities.

Is a NHS trust the same as NHS? ›

NHS Foundation Trusts are part of and committed to the NHS, but have more freedom in how they run their hospital and how they meet the demands on them.

Who owns Nash General hospital? ›

Nash is a member of the UNC Health Care system, a non-profit integrated health care system, owned by the state of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

What are the core values of Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust? ›

We acknowledge our mistakes and we learn. Compassion - We care about our patients and each other. We consistently show kindness and empathy and take the time to imagine ourselves in other people's shoes. Integrity - We are consistently open, honest and trustworthy.

When was Northampton General Hospital built? ›

In April 1743 Dr James Stonhouse and the Reverend Philip Doddridge started a campaign and subscription list to establish a hospital in Northampton. By the end of that year they had raised enough to rent and equip a house in George Row, Northampton and it officially opened in March 1744.

What is the smallest hospital in the US? ›

Grace Cottage Hospital
Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location185 Grafton Road, Townshend, Vermont, United States
Coordinates43.049027°N 72.6681002°W
12 more rows

What is the number 1 ranked hospital in the US? ›

Mayo Clinic - Rochester

What is the largest pediatric hospital in North America? ›

The Texas Children's Hospital is the biggest children's hospital in the US by bed size. Credit: Patrish Jackson/ Shutterstock.com. Texas is home to four of the ten biggest children's hospitals in the US while Ohio and California each house two of the country's largest children's hospitals.

What is the most expensive hospital in the world? ›

The new hospital is the most expensive building ever built in Australia, and the most expensive hospital ever built anywhere in the world, at US$2.44 billion in construction and equipment costs. The redevelopment on the site of the old RAH is known as Lot Fourteen.

Where is the smallest hospital in the world? ›

St Bartholomew's Hospital
Shown in the City of London
LocationWest Smithfield, London, England
Coordinates51.5175°N 0.1001°W
13 more rows

What city has the best hospital in world? ›

World's Best Hospitals 2023
RankPublication nameCountry
1Mayo Clinic - RochesterUnited States
2Cleveland ClinicUnited States
3Massachusetts General HospitalUnited States
4The Johns Hopkins HospitalUnited States
96 more rows

What is the #1 hospital in Virginia? ›

University of Virginia Medical Center is ranked as the No. 1 hospital in Virginia and in the top 50 hospitals nationally in Newsweek's “World's Best Hospitals 2023” guide. The news magazine rates UVA as the No. 42 hospital in the United States and among the top 250 hospitals in the world in this year's guide.

What is the busiest ER in Virginia? ›

Olin E Teague Veterans Medical Center has the most ER visits with 62,678, followed by West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, with 44,472 and Dallas VA Medical Center, with 35,799. Collectively, the top 10 VA hospitals have an estimated 359,951 ER visits, with an average of 35,995.

What is the highest rated VA hospital? ›

Top VA Hospitals Ranked by VA Facility Quality Data (2022 Edition)
RankVA Facility NamePatient Score
21 more rows
Aug 29, 2022

Who is the facilities manager at Northampton General Hospital? ›

Kevin Frost - Facilities Compliance Manager - Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust | LinkedIn.

Who is the medical director of Northamptonshire ICS? ›

Matt Metcalfe was appointed as the Chief Medical Officer of Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board in June 2022.

Who was the head nurse on General hospital? ›

The late Sonya Eddy, who played "GH" head nurse Epiphany Johnson, will be honored and remembered by her cast mates in a special episode on Wednesday. Eddy's co-stars fondly remembered their friend and colleague. "She was just joy," said Maurice Benard.

Who is hospital chiefs? ›

A hospital CEO is responsible for the operations of the entire hospital or hospital chain. This person is the final decision-maker on all aspects of operations, strategy, policy and finance.

What is the difference between a facilities manager and a maintenance manager? ›

The difference between facility management and facility maintenance is the difference between the short-term and long-term view of your facility as a whole. Management takes over the larger picture while maintenance keeps everything running smoothly on a daily basis.

What is Walter Tull Ward Northampton General Hospital? ›

Walter Tull ward is an acute assessment unit at Northampton General Hospital. What should I bring with me? Please ensure you bring: Any prescription and non-prescription medication you are currently taking.

Who does a facilities manager do? ›

Facilities managers oversee the operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds by responding to users' needs. As a facilities manager, you could be in charge of services including buildings, cleaning, catering, hospitality, security or parking.

Which ICS is Kings Hospital in? ›

South East London Integrated Care System.

Who is the medical director of Black Country ICS? ›

Chief Medical Officer: Dr Mark Weaver

He has been a consultant in general psychiatry in Walsall since 2004 and has been a senior medical manager since 2005.

Who is the COO of Hampshire Hospitals? ›

Andy Hyett - Chief Operating Officer

Andy joined Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as chief operating officer in September 2022. He has a wide range of NHS experience starting his career as a biomedical scientist at Dorset County Hospital in the 1990's.

Who was the female cop on General Hospital? ›

Valerie Spencer
In-universe information
OccupationPolice detective Police officer Police administrative aide
MotherPat Spencer
GrandparentsTim Spencer Lena Eckert
2 more rows

Who is the new girl on General Hospital? ›

General Hospital has recast the role of Sonny and Alexis' daughter, Kristina, with Daytime Emmy-winner, Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail, Days of our Lives). Mansi will take over the role on-screen beginning the week of May 22nd.

Who is the black nurse on General Hospital? ›

Most known for her role as nurse Epiphany Johnson on General Hospital, Yvette Nicole Brown will honor her on the daytime soap.

What is the highest position in a hospital? ›

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-level management position in a hospital or hospital system. Hospital CEO's must possess the qualifications and skills to manage and direct the complexities of a modern patient care facility.

What is the top doctor called? ›

The U.S. Surgeon General is the Nation's Doctor, providing Americans with the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury.

What is the most senior doctor called? ›

Consultants are the most senior grade of hospital doctors and are responsible for leading a team to deliver care for patients. Every patient who is admitted to hospital will have a named consultant who is responsible for their care.


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