Lasting Word Bible Commentary Jeremiah Chapter 33 (2023)

A. From destruction to restoration.

1. (1-3) Great and mighty things.

And the word of Jehovah came to Jeremiah a second time, while he was still imprisoned in the prison yard, saying, Thus says Jehovah who made it, Jehovah who made it, to raise it up (Jehovah is his name): 'Cry to me and I will answer you and I will show you great and hidden things that you do not know.

A.Still locked in the prison yard: As in Jeremiah 32, this word came to Jeremiah during the terrible final siege of the Babylonians against Jerusalem in the last years of King Zedekiah's reign. Zedekiah put Jeremiah in royal prison for preaching in the name of the Lord that the Babylonians would prosper (Jeremiah 32:1-5).

B.Thus says the LORD that made it, the LORD that made it: In this section the name Yahweh is heavily emphasized (CABALLERO), the name of God emphasizing His covenant relationship with Israel. God will speak of his faithfulness to the covenant.

C.Call me and I will answer you and I will show you great and hidden things that you do not know.: God invited Jeremiah and all who would hear him to come to him in faith-filled prayer, trusting in his answer. This promise is particularly remarkable given the circumstances: to endure the terror of a siege and fulfill the promised judgment promptly. As judgment approached, God spoke a word of hope, invitation, and faith to Jeremiah and Jerusalem.

yeah "He's yelling at us, calling me, calling me. Little prayer, little blessing; more prayer, more blessings; much prayer, much blessing.” (Meier)

ii.powerful things: „El MTbesurot(RSVhidden things) usually means "the inaccessible", and here that which is beyond the normal reach of human cognition". (harrison)

iii. "The things to be revealed are 'unsearchable' (Hemorrhoids, literally "inaccessible") because they are beyond the reach of human knowledge. the main adjectiveHemorrhoidsused for the heavily fortified cities of Canaan in Deut 1:28 ('walled'); here it refers to matters beyond human perception that require divine revelation.” (Fenberg)

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2. (4-9) Restoration of a destroyed city.

For thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel, concerning the houses of this city, and the houses of the kings of Judah, which are torn downA strengthenagainst the siege hills and the sword: "They come to fight with the Chaldeans, butSoloto fill their places with the corpses of men whom I shall kill in my anger and anger, all because of whose wickedness I have hidden my face from this city. Behold, I will bring you health and healing; I will heal you and reveal to you the fullness of peace and truth. And I will bring back the captives of Judah and the captives of Israel and rebuild these places as before. I will cleanse them from all their misdeeds in which they have sinned against me and I will forgive them all their iniquities in which they have sinned and in which they have rebelled against me. Then it will be a name of joy to me, a praise and an honor before all the peoples of the earth, who will hear all the good that I do for them; They will fear and tremble at all the goodness and prosperity I provide for them.”

A.From the houses of this city and from the houses of the kings of Judah, which were pulled down for fortification: God spoke this in reference to the houses in Jerusalem that were now ruins, having been demolished to make defenses against the Babylonian invaders. It was a harrowing and depressing spectacle, but it did not detract from the truth of God's promise of restoration.

B.They come to fight the Chaldeans, but only to take their place among the corpses.: You put a lot of work and people into defending the city, but it would be useless. They should have heard the earlier word of the LORD announcing the inevitability of God's judgment at the hands of the Babylonians.

C.Behold, I will bring you health and healing: Jerusalem was full of destruction and death, and evenIt iscity ​​that God promised to bringhealth and healing, Areveal to them the fullness of peace and truth. The promises are formulated to include the next restoration under Nehemiah and Ezra, but they are only truly fulfilled in the new covenant.

· I will bring back the captives of Judah and the captives of Israel: In the new covenant, God will one day gather His scattered people from the southern and northern kingdoms.

· I will cleanse her of all her guilt: In the new covenant, God grants a special forgiveness of sins, in which sins are not simply covered but taken away.

· They will be a name of joy, praise and honor to Me: In the new covenant, God will bring about such a restored relationship that Israel will honor him instead of slandering his name.

yeah “Great and unfathomable things are now being revealed. Yahweh will bring healing, peace, security, restoration, cleansing and forgiveness." (Thompson)

ii.I'll clean them up... I'll forgive them: “Purification eliminates guilt, pollution, corruption, moral. Forgiveness returns the abuser to a relationship of favor and community. God never forgives contaminated souls; He cleans them first. Forgiveness, apart from imparting purity, would perpetuate defilement and therefore violate the moral order without remedy. (morgan)

D.You will fear and tremble for all the goodness and prosperity I give you.: The contrast is remarkable. At the time Jeremiah spoke this prophecy, God's people were filled with fear and trembling with destruction and death. here they wouldfear and tremorsfor the greatness of God's blessing in the restoration of his people.

3. (10-11) The voice of joy.

Thus says the Lord: “It will be heard again in this place about which you say: 'It isesdesolate, without man or beast" - in the cities of Judah, in the deserted streets of Jerusalem, without man and without inhabitants and without beasts, the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice those who will say:

"Praise the Lord of hosts,
for the LordesGUT,
through his mercyenduresforever'-

jof theseWHObrings praise offerings to the house of Jehovah. For I will bring back the captives of the land as before, saith the LORD.

A.It will be heard here: In the besieged Jerusalem, the sounds of the city were terrible. One can imagine the pitiful screaming, crying, howling and the din of rumbling and destruction. These horrible noises were eventually replaced by a horrible silence, from alonelyJerusalem,without residents and without animals. God promised better sounds would come.

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B.The voice of joy and the voice of joy: Instead of awful sounds, or more awful silences, restored Jerusalem would be filled with the joyful sounds of blessed and prosperous people. The sound would be like the best party ever: a wedding, withthe voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride.

yeah “The sounds of joy and gladness and the voice of the bridegroom and bride would be heard again, in a reversal of Jeremiah's words of judgment at Jeremiah 7:34; Jeremiah 16:9; Jeremiah 25:10.” (Thompson)

C.Praise the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for his mercy endures forever: Instead of the cries of agony of a city under judgment, they heard the sound of people praising God for his goodness and everlasting mercy.

yeah “Joy and gladness will mark not only the relationships of God's people, but also their worship in His temple. The liturgical words were used by the Levitical singers in Temple service (Psalm 106:1) and showed that the Temple would be rebuilt and service restored as in the days before the exile. (Fenberg)

4. (12-13) The wondrous extent of the restoration.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts: In this desolate place without man or beast and in all its cities there will again be shepherds' dwellings,Areherds to lie down. In the cities of the mountains, in the cities of the plain, in the cities of the south, in the land of Benjamin, around Jerusalem, and in the cities of Judah, the flocks will go under their hands again. who countsthem,says the LORD.

A.There will again be a dwelling for shepherds who let their flocks rest: Instead of the chaos and despair of a besieged city, there would be the peace and goodness of the restored city.

B.In the cities of the mountains, in the cities of the lowlands: God described various geographical regions of the land of Israel and explained that the promised restoration would extend to all of these regions. Not only Jerusalem would be restored, but the whole earth.

I.In the hands of whoever counts them: "Oddly enough, the Targum has a messianic interpretation here and replaces the word 'Messiah' with 'who counts them'." (Feinberg)

ii. "Maybe he even touched each of them as he walked through the entrance." (Thompson)

5. (14-18) The assurance of the promise to the house of David.

Behold, the time is coming, says the Lord, when I will fulfill the good things that I have promised to the house of Israel and to the house of Judah:

Then and then
I will grow David
I renew justice;
He will carry out judgment and justice on earth.
In those days Judah will be saved
And Jerusalem will dwell safely.
And theIt's the nameit will be called:

For thus saith the Lord: David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of the house of Israel; Even the priests the Levites will not lack for a man to offer burnt offerings before me, to burn grain offerings, and to keep offering.”

A.I will do the good that I promised: These promises of restoration, partially fulfilled under Ezra and Nehemiah, fully fulfilled with the consummation of the new covenant, these promises were in stark contrast to the present state of destruction in Judah and Jerusalem. God repeats them for safety and emphasis.

yeah "This beautiful passage (Jeremiah 33:14-26) is not in the LXX and has therefore been the subject of many commentators." (Fenberg)

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B.In those days and at that time I will make David sprout a branch of righteousness: In connection with the promises of the New Covenant, God promised that a descendant would be in the line of Davidbranch of the judiciary(as at Isaiah 4:2 and Isaiah 11:1; as at Jeremiah 23:5).

yeah “Jeremiah does not reveal as much about the coming Messiah as Isaiah did, but still gives glimpses of Christ as the fountain of living water (Jeremiah 2:13), the good shepherd (Jeremiah 23:4; 31:10), the righteous Rama (Jeremiah 23:5), the Redeemer (Jeremiah 50:34), the Lord our righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6), and David the king (Jeremiah 30:9).” (Harrison)

C.He will exercise judgment and justice on earth: The great promises of restoration and blessings under the realization of the new covenant would come through an appointed man, thebranch of the judiciary, who would be a descendant of David. He will rule not only over Jerusalem and Israel, but also overthe earth, bringjudgment and justice.

D.This is the name by which it will be called: The Lord our righteousness:It isit would be the title of restored Jerusalem under its Messiah, the branch of the line of David. It would no longer be a place of idolatry, rebellion, shame and destruction that came from it all. It would be a city and a people that truly find their righteousness in the Lord.

yeah “Salvation and security are reserved for Judah and Jerusalem because of the personified presence of righteousness and justice. The name given to the Messiah in Jeremiah 23:6 is here given to Jerusalem. She can have the same name as the Messiah because it reflects the righteousness that the Messiah bestows on her." (Fenberg)

ii. “However, there is no need to allegorize the name of the city as if it were the New Testament Church. On what grounds could the teaching of such a concept be justified here? Jerusalem will be called by his name because she will partake of his nature bestowed upon him by grace. (Fenberg)

B. The enduring character of God's covenant.

1. (19-22) The covenant with David is sure as day and night.

And the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah, saying, Thus saith the LORD: If thou canst break my covenant with the day, and my covenant with the night, so that in their time there is neither day nor night, then my covenant also shall do it quarrel with my servant David, and he shall have no son to reign on his throne, and with the Levites, the priests, my servants. As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, nor the sand of the sea measured, so will I multiply the descendants of my servant David and of the Levites who serve me.

A.If you can break My pact with the day and My pact with the night: God's covenant with David—the promise to bring the Messiah who will reign from his lineage (2 Samuel 7:12-16)—was as certain as the trustworthiness ofTagjAbend.

B.a son reigning on his throne, and with the Levites, the priests, my servants: The promised Messiah would reign on the throne of David and reign with him with many around him.

yeah "Prosperous as a people are without a king and without a priesthood, they would no better regard themselves as a rabble: Here, then, is the climax of the promise." (Children)

ii. "The promised dynasty will be permanent and will have a number of Levitical priests who will constitute valid ministry." (harrison)

iii. These words do not require a permanent rulership of the line of David and the ministry of the Levitical priests; claim aendlessdominion and service.

C.In this way I will multiply the descendants of my servant David and of the Levites who serve me: God promisescountless servantscome to the side of the Messiah, come from the line of David. This will be fulfilled in the multitudes ruling with Jesus under the new covenant (Revelation 7:9-10).

yeah "As for the promise that Davidthere is never a man missing to sit on the throne of Israel(Jeremiah 33:17, 21a) we can see how far beyond expectation is the fulfillment in the person of Christ (Revelation 11:15; 22:16). The same is true of the promise to the Levitical priests, since all His atoning work was perfectly and eternally performed by Him, and His role as the sacrifice of the “praise offering” was perpetuated and enlarged in the royal priesthood of believers. " (Children)

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ii. "In our passage, however, the promise contains no indication of the hidden elements of its fulfillment, but (as A. W. Streane says) it is 'clothed in Jewish garb, the only way in which it could convey any meaning to those to whom it faces handed over'." (Kidner)

iii. “The monarchy and the priesthood were the two pillars of the Old Testament theocracy. When these seemed most threatened with extinction in the days of Jeremiah, we find their continuation expressed in sure and irrefutable terms. (Fenberg)

2. (23-24) The words of those who despise His people.

And the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah, saying, Have you not considered what this people said, saying, The two generations which the Lord hath chosen he also rejected? So they despised my people as if they were no longer a people before them."

A.The two families that Jehovah chose he also rejected: Istwo familiesthey belong to the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. There were some (and there are still some today) who say that although God once chose them, he has now chosen themdiscard them.

B.So they despised My people as if they were no longer a nation before them.: God said of those who thought Israel had been turned away from His love or plandespisedHis people and therefore sinned. They denied that Israel would go on like thisa nation, a collective people with whom God had a special plan and purpose, and a nationin front of them– not only before God, but also before the world.

yeah In the new covenant, God's purpose extends far beyond Israel, but it never abandons Israel. Those who say that God hasdiscard themand that he is done with them as oneNationcommit the great sin of despising his people.

3. (25-26) The repeated promise.

"Thus says the Lord: 'If my covenantesnot with day and night,and ifI have not established the ordinances of heaven and earth, then I will reject the descendants of Jacob and David my servant,Sothat I won't takeanytheir descendantsbeRuler over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For I will bring back their captives and have mercy on them.'”

A.If my pact isn't with day and night: For emphasis, God repeated the same figure used in Jeremiah 33:19-21 to communicate the consistency of the covenant.

yeah “God put the sun and the moon on the negotiating table. He offered the heavenly bodies as security for his covenant promise. If God ever fails to provide an everlasting king or a permanent priest, then the sun and moon will be yours!” (Ryken)

ii. "Nature will collapse completely before God returns even the smallest promise to his people." (Fenberg)

iii. “It should be noted, if only marginally, that these verses form part of the basis of the modern study of science. They affirm that the regularity of day and night is not the product of evolutionary chance. Rather, God made a covenant with the sun and the moon. (ryken)

B.About the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: God spoke about thegeneticdescendants of Israel, not just spiritual descendants. Once again the new covenant reaches the whole world, not just Israel; but it does not ignore or omit Israel.

yeah “This passage was onean interpreter crossfor exhibitors. It is especially difficult for those who take an amillennialist position on eschatology. The only way out for them is to allegorize the text or use a dual hermeneutics. (Fenberg)

c) 2021 Dieenduring wordBible Commentary by David Guzik –

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Christ is our Lord God, our righteousness, our sanctification, and our redemption. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. But in this world prosperity and adversity succeed each other, as light and darkness, day and night. The covenant of priesthood shall be secured.

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God speaketh once, yea, twice, for the encouragement of his people. We are not only so disobedient that we have need of precept upon precept to bring us to our duty, but so distrustful that we have need of promise upon promise to bring us to our comfort. This word, as the former, came to Jeremiah when he was in prison.

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Those who expect to receive comforts from God, must call upon him. Promises are given, not to do away, but to quicken and encourage prayer. These promises lead us to the gospel of Christ; and in that God has revealed truth to direct us, and peace to make us easy.

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17 God has made it clear that there will always be a descendant of David ruling the people of Israel. 18 and that there will always be Levitical priests on hand to offer burnt offerings, present grain offerings, and carry on the sacrificial worship in my honor.

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Those who expect to receive comforts from God, must call upon him. Promises are given, not to do away, but to quicken and encourage prayer. These promises lead us to the gospel of Christ; and in that God has revealed truth to direct us, and peace to make us easy.

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