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Information about the hairdresser.

8176 interstate west



ID 83709


Before Walmart and Lowes

(208) 377-1516

(208) 377-1516

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Opening hours of the hairdressing salon.

Laborable daystandard
to assemble08 A.M-19.00
mars08 A.M-19.00
Wednesday08 A.M-19.00
Thursday08 A.M-19.00
Freitag08 A.M-19.00
Saturday08 A.M-18:00
Domingo11:00 O'clock-5.00

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Haircuts for everyone

  • Haircuts for men and women.
  • haircuts for children
  • Haircuts for seniors


  • short style
  • long style
  • formal style

hairdressing service

  • neck strap
  • cutting the bart
  • brother trim
  • hair shampoo

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Express your creativity, work flexible hours to fit your lifestyle, and showcase your talents with clients in Boise!

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Great Clips Hair Salon in Boise, ID - Overland (5)

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frequent questions

  • No. Great Clips salons are all about getting you in and out with a great haircut at whatever time is most convenient for you! You can come when you are ready for your haircut or add your name to the waiting list.Online BillingAndgrandesclips.comor with thatGreat Clips® App. When you register online, you can sign up for ReadyNext SMS to receive an SMS when your wait time reaches 15 minutes.
  • Yes, Great Clips Salons accept walk-ins! When you're ready for your haircut, you can go directly to the salon and check in at the front desk, and they'll bring you back when it's your turn. To make your haircut at Great Clips Overland even faster, you can register online atgrandesclips.comor with thatGreat Clips® App. When you register online, you can sign up for ReadyNext SMS to receive an SMS when your wait time reaches 15 minutes.
  • With Online Check-In®, you can check in from anywhere, so you can use time you might be spending in the lobby, at home, or running errands. Online check-in also gives you real-time estimated wait times so you can fit a haircut into your schedule. You can register online atgrandesclips.comor with thatTolle Clips® App!If you register online, you can also sign up for ReadyNext text alerts to receive an SMS when the wait time reaches 15 minutes.
  • Check-in can be used for all services except perms and formal updos. Please note that not all salons offer permanents. Most salons require an appointment for these services, so call Great Clips Overland to inquire.
  • No. For the stylist's security, we do not post appointments and do not allow clients to request appointments through online check-in. We keep Clip Notes®, these are tech notes from previous haircuts you've been given at a Great Clips salon, so each stylist can give you a consistently great haircut. If you want to request a specific stylist, be sure to let them know when you arrive at the salon and are done with registration. Please note that requesting a stylist may increase your estimated wait time.
  • Online registration is available five minutes after the salon opens. Around closing time, we accept online registrations up to the point where the estimated wait time is as long as the salon remains open, or no more than 30 minutes before closing. Very rarely is a room so full that the wait becomes too long and online check-in is temporarily unavailable. You'll probably never see this, but if you do, check back later.
  • HeGreat Clips® AppIt saves you time and makes it easy to register for your next haircut! The Great Clips® app allows you to set favorite salons that appear directly on the home screen of the app. If you create an account, registration is even faster! This way, you can quickly see the wait times of nearby lounges. Great Clips also sends personalized offers, product promotions, and even hair care and styling tips right to your notification inbox.
  • Great Clips salons offer great value haircuts for both men and women, with special pricing on kids' haircuts and senior haircuts. Great Clips Overland also offers shampoo services. If you're looking for a quick touch-up, the stylists at Great Clips offer neckline, beard and bang styles. Salon services are also available for short styles, long styles, and formal styles. You can check all Great Clips hair care servicesHere.
  • Great Clips salons are independently owned and priced by the local salon owner. For information on pricing for salon services at Great Clips Overland, clickHere
  • Great Clips salons do not offer hair coloring services.
  • We want all our clients to feel safe and happy when they leave the salon, which is why their total satisfaction with all services and products is fully guaranteed. If you have any concerns about the service or products you received, we encourage you to speak with the staff at your local Great Clips salon.
  • Customers can receive Great Clips coupons in a variety of forms, including print postcards, Facebook and Instagram ads, emails, app messages, and more. To stay up to date with Great Clips offers and promotions, you can download the app and create a profile, sign up for emails and follow your local Great Clips salon on Facebook. We recommend that you be careful with any coupons you may see online, as some are not authorized by Great Clips or are only valid for certain salons. If you're not sure if a coupon is valid, we recommend checking with your local salon."
  • Great Clips salon franchises are hiring GREAT hairdressers! Browse openings and submit your interest online at and a local salon owner will be in touch. You can also go to a salon to apply. All Great Clips salons are owned by independent franchisees who are responsible for their own hiring and employment practices.

Great Clips Hair Salon in Boise, ID - Overland (12)

About Great Clips in Overland

Located in Boise, ID, Great Clips is a convenient way to get a great haircut at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for a great haircut near you, an expert in men's haircuts, or a barber who knows the latest trends in women's haircuts, Great Clips has you covered. Our team of stylists in Boise, ID receive ongoing training in advanced technical skills, new hairstyling trends, and customer service so they can bring the haircut of your dreams to life. We also make it easy for you to get your next great haircut. Conveniently located at 8176 W Overland Rd in Boise, ID, we're an easily accessible salon near you. And since we're also open at night and on weekends, you can get a haircut whenever it suits you. With Online Check-In® you even save time, because you can get on the list before arriving at the salon. We are waiting for you!

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