Great Clip Prices: Are They Expensive? (2023)

great clipsIt's a good option if you're looking for a professional haircut on a tight budget. I am anetwork of popular salonswhich has been around since the 1980's and has a reputation for high quality service. Not only are Great Clips' prices very reasonable, but they also have a convenient online booking system.

Salon chains like this one are great if you lead a busy lifestyle, as they offer tours and are open on weekends and evenings.They have around 4,500 locations worldwide.USAyCanada, so you are sure to find one near you.

How did the big clips start?

Great Clip Prices: Are They Expensive? (1)

great clipswas founded by David Rubenzer, Steve Lemmon and Ray Barton. David, an entrepreneur and stylist, saw that there was a need for salons that could accommodate people's busy lifestyles. So he had the idea of ​​creating a hairdressing salon with weekend and evening hours, which was the first at the time.

The trio opened the original location in 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offering a fixed list of services similar to what they offer today. The first franchised location opened in 1983 and by 1997 there were 1,000 Great Clips salons across the US and Canada.

Since then they have seen incredible growth. Currently, there are approximately 4,500 Great Clips locations in North America. He has the honor of beingthe biggest salon brand in the world, with more than 1,200 franchisees and employing around 40,000 stylists.

How much does a haircut cost at Great Clips?

Great Clips is one of thecheapest haircuts in usa. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • $15 for an adult haircut
  • $14 for a haircut for10 year oldsand below
  • $14 for a haircut forover 65 years oldand more

However, keep in mind that these are just average prices. Each Great Clips salon is independently owned and operated, so prices vary by location.

Services Great Clips lounge offer with prices

Great Clip Prices: Are They Expensive? (2)

Great Clips offers a variety of services tomen and women. Prices and available services vary by location as each salon is independently owned and operated. Here is a breakdown oftypical services offeredand their price ranges:

Haircuts for everyone

  • Adult haircut: $15–$18
  • Kids Haircut (Under 10): $14–$16
  • senior haircut (65 years or older):$ 14– $ 16


  • Regular Style: $10–$22
  • Long Style: $25–$70
  • Formal Style: $40–$75
  • Permanente(Partial, Regular, and Long): $35 to $79.99

Additional hair services

  • Shampoo $ 5- $ 6
  • Conditioning: $13
  • Neck and beard: $5–$7 (each)
  • Fringe cut: $5–$7

Great Clips Salon Hours

Great Clips salons are franchised and each salon owner sets their own hours, which means that hours will differ based on location and community needs. The good news is that they focus on convenience, so each location will have hours that suit your specific needs.

Great Clips holiday hours can also vary by location, but are generally closed on major holidays including Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, they tend to stay open in the days leading up to the holidays, so you can get a new haircut in time for those special events.

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The best way to find the nearest location's business and holiday hours is to click on this link and enter your location. You can also use the online registration system to put your name on the waiting list before you even arrive, for added convenience.

Common questions

If you're looking for more information on Great Clips pricing and their services, here are some frequently asked questions that might help clear things up.

What time do Great Clips salons close?

Each Great Clips salon location closes at different times as they are independently owned and operated. You can easily find the times of your local great clips by following this link and entering your location.

Do I need to schedule appointments or visit the Great Clips?

Great Clips was built around convenience, so there's no need to make an appointment. You can simply walk into the salon when you're ready to get your hair cut and check in at the front desk.

For even faster service, you can follow this link to find the nearest Great Clips and check in online before you even arrive.

Does Great Clips offer any discounts or coupons?

great clips couponsand promotions are distributed locally, either in town or at the salon. The best place to look for coupons is atgreat clip app.

You will be notified of any news about national promotions directly through the application's inbox. Also, once you select a "My Great Clips" location in the app, they will promote local sales and coupons.

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How do I tip my stylist on great clips?

Great Clips does not have a specific tipping policy. However, as in any salon, it is customarytip your stylistif you are satisfied with the haircut you received. A reasonable tip would be 20% of your bill, or 25% if your hairdo takes more than three hours.

Some Great Clips locations may allow you to tip on your card, but just in case, bring cash for tips, which will go a long way toward building a good relationship with your stylist.

How much does a conditioning treatment cost at Great Clips?

Great Clips offers shampoo and conditioner service for $5 to $13, depending on location. To check Great Clips location pricing, go to the website and enter your zip code.

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Does Great Clips offer hair washing services?

Most Great Clips locations offerhair washservices for $5-$6. However, Great Clips prices and services vary by location. Enter your location on the sign-up page to see services offered in your local Great Clips.

Can I choose my stylist in advance on Great Clips?

Yes, Great Clips allows you to request a specific stylist. So when you arrive at the salon to check in, mention the stylist you are requesting. One thing to keep in mind is that requesting a specific stylist may mean you have to wait a little longer for your haircut.

Does Great Clips have health and safety protocols?

Yes, Great Clips has oneGreatCare Promise, their official commitment to safety and ensuring each salon is a comfortable place for clients. They offer contactless check-in through their online system and promise that equipment and tools are regularly sanitized. They also encourage their stylists to wash their hands frequently.

As each salon is independently owned and operated, you may be asked or encouraged to wear a mask in some locations. You can find health and safety guidelines at your Great Clips location by clicking here.

Does Great Clips sell any products?

Great Clips offers great haircuts as well as the professional quality products needed to maintain them. big clipsIt has a lineof products, including Solutions, Tea Tree Solutions and GRIT.

The salons also feature leading brands such as Matrix, Tigi, Paul Mitchell and Redken. Products and brands in stock vary by location. Please contact your local Great Clips to confirm availability if you are looking for something specific.


What is the lowest Great Clips price for a haircut?

On average, a Great Clips haircut costs $15. All Great Clips salons are franchised and owners can set their own prices, which vary by location. But Great Clips has very competitive prices for haircuts and can go as low as $13 in some regions.

Supercuts or Great Clips: which is better?

Supercuts and Great Clips are competing chains of beauty salons that offer competitive prices. A haircut at both locations will cost you $15 on average. Great Clips has more locations than Supercuts, so you're more likely to find one closer to you.

However, Supercuts offers a wider range of services, includingDye, facial waxing and a relaxing Tea Tree experience. Your specific needs and location will determine whether Supercuts or Great Clips is better.

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Great Clips prices are one of the most affordable options for a professional haircut. They offer an online registration system and accept walk-ins to make it easy to get a haircut whenever you need it.

Their commitment to comfort and quality has made them quite popular. Since its inception, it has grown from a single location to nearly 4,500 in just 40 years. With multiple services and haircuts averaging $15, Great Clips can help you look great and save money.

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