Floor Insulation Costs: Your Complete Guide to 2023 (2023)

Floor Insulation Costs: Your Complete Guide to 2023 (1)

Floor insulation helps reduce heat escaping through the floor and prevents cold drafts from moving up through the floorboards. It's easier to insulate your floor when you replace it, but insulation can be added later.

Insulating your floor will make it more comfortable underfoot and will also save money on your heating bills. Energy efficient insulation means you don't have to keep turning up the thermostat to stay warm.

In this guide we will tell you what the average price is to install underbody insulation, what affects costs, how you can save money, the pros and cons of underbody insulation, what it is all about installing underbody insulation, how to find and hire a craftsman to install underfloor insulation, and what questions to ask.

Finally, we answer some of your frequently asked questions.


How much does underfloor insulation cost?

In the table below, we've broken down the average cost of floor insulation by home size.

house sizeEstimated coststime required
Small apartment£ 510 a £ 7341 label
terraced house£ 800 a £ 1.1501 to 2 days
terraced house£ 1.200 a £ 1.7252 to 3 days
single family Home£ 1.600 a £ 3.0003 to 4 days

A handyman or insulation installer can easily do the job if you want to hire a professional. A handyman charges between £120 and £160 per day.

When you need a handyman to install floor insulationHousehold Quotes.Simply fill out the online form and briefly tell us what you need.

We will then quickly find craftsmen who will make you a non-binding offer.

You can save up to 40% by comparing offers:
Floor Insulation Costs: Your Complete Guide to 2023 (2)Click here for offers

What affects the cost of installing underfloor insulation?

Several factors affect the cost of installing underfloor insulation. We take a closer look at these factors below.

room size

The bigger the room, the more insulation is needed, which makes it more expensive. For example, as you can see in the table, if you insulate the floor of a 60 square meter apartment, you will probably pay between 510 and 734 euros.

However, a semi-detached house that also needs insulation will cost between £800 and £1,150 as it is larger.

type of insulation you choose

Insulation is very affordable, but the type you choose affects the price. There are several types of floor insulation, including:

Roof insulation (Battery)

You are purchasing roof insulation in a roll. It is a common type of insulation.

They put roof insulation between the joists so you can use it when installing insulation from your basement.

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Roof insulation is sold in felt, stone, mineral fiber, or glass. A more expensive material is sheep's wool.


Felt is an inexpensive type of insulation. Ceramic thermal felts are fire retardant and good at soundproofing.


Rock ore is made from a variety of raw materials and rocks that are melted down and processed into fibers. It is fire resistant and absorbs sound well.

lana mineral

These include stone wool and stone wool. It contains a high percentage of recycled materials and is an excellent soundproofing material.


Glass insulation is made from recycled glass and sand. It contains a lot of air pockets and is also good for soundproofing.

sheep wool

Sheep's wool is a natural fiber and does not cause skin or breathing problems when laid. It also absorbs water and is good for soundproofing.

insulation board

The insulation board can be cut to size and placed between the joists once the floorboards have been removed.

PIR insulation panels

These boards are placed on a concrete floor. They are thin and light, making them easy to install.

The need to replace skirting boards, lower door heights and relocate radiators

Insulating a concrete floor will raise the level of your floor. Baseboards will need to be removed and then reattached, and radiators may need to be relocated.

A carpenter can help you lift the door and remove and replace the baseboards. Carpenters charge between £15 and £22 per hour or between £120 and £176 per day.

Aheating engineeroplumberyou can move your radiators. A plumber is paid between £40 and £80 per hour or between £320 and £680 per day.

A heating contractor charges between £30 and £60 per hour or £240 to £480 per day.


If you live in or around London or the South East of England, you are likely to pay more money for services. You need to add 10-20% to the costs for assembly by a craftsman.

How can I save money on floor insulation?

You can do it yourself if you know DIY. It may take longer to get the job done, especially when the floorboards are going up.

Doing the job yourself can save you between £120 and £160 per day.

If you don't have time, contact a professional.

If you need a technician to install the underbody insulation, usehousehold quotes. Fill out the online form and tell us what you need.

We'll put you in touch with craftsmen in your area and make you a non-binding offer for the job.

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You can save up to 40% by comparing offers:
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Is underfloor insulation the best option for my home?

Below we take a look at the pros and cons of underfloor insulation to help you decide to install it on your property.


  • Reduces heat loss
  • Improves soundproofing
  • Makes it warmer underfoot


  • May cause moisture if you do not use breathable insulating material and cover ventilation points

What does the installation of underfloor insulation involve?

Floor Insulation Costs: Your Complete Guide to 2023 (4)

Insulation must be measured and cut before it is installed.

There are three ways to lay the floorcentral heating:

  • If you have floorboards, you can pick them up.
  • If you have a concrete floor but have a basement below, you can do this from the basement.
  • If you install insulation on a concrete floor from the room, you can put an insulation panel.

Laying insulating panels under the floorboards.

Carpet will need to be removed and underlayment installed, if applicable.

Remove the floorboards. Take the insulation boards and cut them to size.

Install the insulation boards between the joists and then replace the floor boards.

Lay down a new silver-backed underlayment that increases thermal efficiency and directs the carpet.

Installation of matching rollers from the basement.

Make sure there are no obstacles or nails protruding from the joists.

Unroll the insulation and place it between the joists.

Hold it in place with a net that will prevent it from falling to the ground between the beams.

Lay the insulation panel on the concrete floor

Pick up the mat and base.

Then you need to clean the floor and put a moisture proof membrane over the entire floor.

Measure and cut the amount of insulation board you need.

Lay and fix the insulation board on the concrete floor, making sure there are no gaps. You can use electrical tape or glue to do this.

Lay chipboard over the insulation boards and glue them down. Apply a layer of concrete screed and allow to dry.

Lay the base and the mat.

How can I find and hire a contractor to install underfloor insulation?

Getting a referral from a family member, friend, or co-worker saves you time.

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Otherwise you can useHousehold Quotes.Simply fill out the online form and briefly tell us what you need.

Next, we'll find local craftsmen who will make you a no-obligation offer for underbody insulation.

You can save up to 40% by comparing offers:
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Make sure the professional is the right one

Get all your offers in writing and make sure each one is for the same area of ​​work. In this way it will be much easier to compare offers.

We recommend that you ask merchants the following questions:

  • Do you have a website Having a website is not essential, but it is useful as it can include case studies or photos of past work and customer reviews.
  • Do you have a portfolio with photos of your work and client testimonials? If the business or retailer doesn't have a website, you can ask them if they have a portfolio where you can see photos and customer reviews.
  • Are you a member of a professional association? A professional insulation installer might be a member ofNational Insulation Association (NIA). Most artisans who belong to an association are committed to the quality of their work.
  • Do you have corporate liability insurance? All merchants must be insured. If an accident occurs at work, the company's liability insurance will cover it.
  • How much experience do you have installing insulation? If it's important to you to know if you're dealing with an experienced crafter or a novice, then ask this question.

final checklist

Use the checklist below to follow the best steps for hiring a professional to do your own underbody insulation:

  • Check what type of flooring you have (you may need to take a carpeted area for this)
  • Decide which insulation is best for your floor
  • Get quotes from a floor insulation dealer (household quotescan help you with that!)
  • Choose to request delivery and assembly or installation only
  • Compare offers
You can save up to 40% by comparing offers:
Floor Insulation Costs: Your Complete Guide to 2023 (6)Click here for offers

frequent questions

How much money can I save with underbody insulation?

The Energy Savings Trust puts it at between £30 and £70 a year for households in England, Scotland and Wales.

Homeowners in Northern Ireland could save between £30 and £80 a year.

Do I need a building inspection approval for floor insulation?

Yes, the insulation of the basement must comply with building regulations. In England and Wales, the floor must have a U-value of 0.25 W/m2K or less.

You can achieve this by installing approximately 70mm of foam board insulation or 150mm of ceiling insulation.

Can any type of floor be insulated?

You can insulate suspended wooden floors or concrete floors. Tile floors cannot be insulated after tile is laid, but you can insulate concrete before tile or a hardwood floor.

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Can underfloor insulation be used everywhere?

Floor insulation is most effective on the ground floor or above garages. You must insulate any flooring that is over an unheated space.

Therefore, the upper floors do not need insulation, since they are already heated from below.

How much heat is lost through the ground?

About 15% of its heat is lost through the ground. By insulating your floor, you can reduce heat loss by up to 92%, according to the University of Sheffield.

Does subfloor insulation cause moisture?

Underfloor insulation will not cause moisture as long as it has underfloor ventilation. if you haveair brickdon't cover them.

How long does the floor insulation last?

It can last up to 25 years or more. Most insulations come with a guarantee.

For example, Rockwool offers a 30-year warranty.

What does BBA approved mean?

This is a certification that says that the product is of high quality and made by a reliable company.

You can save up to 40% by comparing offers:
Floor Insulation Costs: Your Complete Guide to 2023 (7)Click here for offers
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