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Cost of spray foam insulation

Spray foam comes in two types: open-cell spray foam, which usually costs$0.44 to $0.65 per board foot,and closed cell spray foam, its average$1 to $1.50 per board foot. The average total cost of a professional spray foam installation is approx2.718 $, or in between1.373 US$ und 4.064 US$.

The spray foam insulation serves as an alternative to conventional fiberglass insulation during construction or construction planning. Professionals spray this expandable foam mass into wall cavities or the underside of the roof. Learn how much it costs to insulate foam walls with this informative guide.

Find out how much it costs to install spray foam insulation - Composition: SEO. (1)

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  • Cost Factors of Spray Foam Insulation
  • Spray foam cost by application location
  • additional costs and surcharges
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Spray foam insulation cost calculator

We calculate the cost data for you. Where are you?

Where are you?

national average 2.718 $
Typical range 1.373 $ - 4.064 $
Low-End – High-End 650 $ - 7.500 $

Cost data is based on actual project costs reported by 3,547 HomeAdvisor members.

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Cost Factors of Spray Foam Insulation

The cost of installing polyurethane foam depends on several factors, including the thickness and type of foam, the square footage of the project, debris disposal, and the age of the home. Here's a quick breakdown of the various cost factors.


Here's how much spray foam typically costs per thickness per square foot.

Foam Thickness (inches)cost per square meter
1"US$ 0,44 – US$ 1,50
2"US$ 0,88 – US$ 3,00
3"US$ 1,32 – US$ 4,50

US$ 1,76 – US$ 6,00

Open-cell foam vs. closed-cell foam

Open-cell foam has a slightly lower R-value than closed-cell foam, but it can save you money on your spray foam insulation project.

foam typeMaterials per board footInstallation per square meter
open cell0,44 US-Dollar – 0,65 US-DollarUS$ 1,50 – US$ 4,90
closed cell$ 1,00 - $ 1,50US$ 1,50 – US$ 4,90


Cost of spray foam insulation$0.44 to $1.50 per board foot, which includes work. However, other factors can increase labor costs, including the thickness of the spray foam, installation location, and additional services such as setup, preparation, waste removal, and cleaning disposal.


Polyurethane is the most common type of spray foam used by contractors. However, in recent years, less toxic foams such as soybean oil and water-based options have emerged. However, you pay more for these options. Soybean oil spray foam costs approx.$1.50 and $3 per board foot.

fix powdery mildew

Spray foam can kill mold, but it's not something you can apply to a moldy section of wall. If you need to remove mold before adding insulation, remember that theCost of professional mold remediationIt is1.100 US$ bis 3.400 US$.

Get quotes from local spray foam installers

Spray foam cost by application location

Where you install spray foam in your home can affect the cost. Learn more below.

app location price range
attic US$ 1.500 – US$ 3.500
basement walls US$ 2.400 – US$ 8.400
crawlspace 1.000 $ - 5.900 $
Here 2.400 – 8.000 US-Dollar
Tollboard balken $ 1.200 - $ 2.000
Garage 930 US-Dollar – 2.100 US-Dollar
Stake barn or other freestanding building $ 6.000 - $ 20.000


Öcost of insulating an atticwith spray foam is in between1.500 US$ und 3.500 US$. Contact an attic insulator to see if you can insulate the ceiling and walls for added protection.

basement walls

Installing expanding foam on the walls of a 1,000 square foot basement costs between2.400 US$ und 8.400 US$, including staff. Spray foam basement insulation helps prevent mold.


Adding polyurethane foam insulation under a house or in a crawl space costs about $1001.000 US-Dollar bis 5.900 US-Dollar, including staff. Areas larger than 2 feet by 10 feet cost more.


The average cost of insulating a roof with spray foam is around2.400 US-Dollar bis 8.000 US-Dollar, including staff. Closed cell insulation works best on most roofs. Consult a roofing expert to find out what material is ideal for your space.

Tollboard balken

Spray foam is an ideal choice for insulating rim beams and sealing cracks, and usually costs in between1.200 US-Dollar bis 2.000 US-Dollar, including labor and material costs. Edge joists, also called band joists, protect the ends of ceiling joists. The price of this project depends on how many framing joists you have in your home, although it costs a lot less than large projects like insulating an attic or basement.


Garage insulation cost between$930 and $2,100, including installation. When insulating your garage walls, this is importantInsulate garage doorThis includes caulking the bottom edge of the garage door and attaching styrofoam sheets to the back of the garage door.

Pole barn or other freestanding additions

The cost of spraying foam in a barn is6.000 US-Dollar bis 18.000 US-Dollarfor a new building8.000 US-Dollar bis 20.000 US-Dollarto an existing building. Prices are higher than other application locations due to increased square footage and material costs. Spray foam insulation on a metal building can improve the R-value.

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Compare offers from spray foam installers in your area

additional costs and surcharges

Consider these additional costs and services when creating your project budget.

Spray Foam Cost for New vs. Existing Homes

Installing foam insulation in a new home costs a lot less than installing foam insulation in an old home. New homes are easier because installers can design the insulation for optimal soundproofing, heat transfer and running costs and apply spray foam while the walls, crawl space and roof deck are easily accessible.

When working on older homes, professionals must bypass existing insulation, drywall, and structure, costing more time and money. For example, if homeowners need to repair drywall in addition to adding spray foam insulation, they need to budget for it293 US-Dollar bis 875 US-Dollarto cover themDrywall repair cost. Instead, run the HVAC or hire an energy monitor to determine exactly where you need to improve your insulation.

Spray foam cost vs. fiberglass, blanket and cellulose

Let's compare the cost and features of spray foam insulation to other types of insulation.

spray foam:

  • 2.360 $to the media

  • R-value of 6-7 per inch (closed cell) and 3.5-3.6 per inch (open cell)

  • Higher R-value insulator

  • Provides airtightness in addition to insulation

blown insulation:

  • 1.550 $to the media

  • R-value of 3.1-3.4 per inch (fiberglass) and 3.2-3.7 per inch (cellulose)

  • Some products feature recycled content

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Video Fiber Batts:

  • 300 US-Dollar bis 600 US-Dollarto install on average

  • R-value of 2.9-3.8 per inch

  • Quick to install and an easy DIY project

  • Improves energy efficiency by up to 30%


  • 1.000 $to install on average

  • R-value of 3.0-3.3 per inch

  • Provides fire resistance and soundproofing

  • Quick to install and an easy DIY project

Pros and cons of foam insulation

Here are some pros and cons to consider before installing foam insulation in your home.


  • Helps reduce operating costs

  • Island50%better than conventional products

  • Protects and strengthens your drywall

  • Provides air seal for a more comfortable home

  • Protects against moisture

  • Works well for noise reduction and soundproofing

  • Valor R alt

  • Mildew and mildew resistant

  • Tax credits available in some states


  • Higher acquisition costs than conventional insulation

  • It may not be easy to install by yourself

  • Potential health hazards from prolonged exposure or improper installation

  • Installation may take longer than traditional products

  • May cause eye, skin, stomach or respiratory irritation*

    (Video) DIY Spray Foam Insulation - What You Need to know Before You Start

  • Associated with a condition called hypersensitivity pneumonitis

*Most spray foam manufacturers address health concerns related to isocyanates. Side effects are less common than in the past as newer products have largely reduced these problems.

DIY vs. hiring professional spray foam insulation contractors

DIY spray foam insulation projects are possible in small areas or flat, uncomplicated surfaces. However, it can be difficult to spray in certain areas, and prolonged exposure to foam during installation can aggravate certain health problems. For large areas or projects with difficult access, consider renting onelocal insulation company.

Do-it-yourself foam insulation kits and costs

An alternative is to install spray foam insulation using a kit. The average price for covering 200 square feet with a foam insulation kit falls in between$300 and $600. You'll need about two to three kits to cover an area this size. Spreading the foam evenly over surfaces can be difficult for inexperienced installers, so DIY kits are best for smaller projects. Larger areas such as attics, basements or garages should be left to professionals.

If you choose to install the foam insulation yourself, there are several brands to choose from, including:


  • knock and foam

  • FOAM it

  • handi foam

  • knock and seal

  • tiger foam

  • FomoSchaum

  • green foam

Do you still have questions about spray foam insulation?

frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to insulate a 1,500 square foot house with spray foam?

It costs approx1.500 US-Dollar bis 2.250 US-Dollarto cover 1,500 square feet with 1 inch closed cell spray foam insulation. Labor and thickness costs add to this total. This value can also change depending on the number of walls in a house.

How much does it cost to spray a 30x50 metal building with closed cell foam?

You pay off1.600 US-Dollar bis 2.400 US-Dollarto cover the walls of a 30 foot by 50 foot metal building with 1 inch of closed cell foam. Expect higher labor costs when hiring a professional for this job.

Is spray foam insulation worth it?

Spray foam insulation is worth the expense for many homeowners because it's energy efficient, protects against moisture, seals air, and can even add structural integrity to your home.

What is the R-value of two inches of spray foam?

The R value assumes 2 cm of spray foam7 bis 13, depending on the type of material. Open-cell foam has a lower R-value than closed-cell foam.

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How Much Spray Foam Insulation Do You Need?

The amount of spray foam insulation needed varies from house to house. Homes in climates with extreme weather variability require thicker insulation with a higher R-value.


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