6 top tips for booking low cost loads (2023)

Today, loading boards have become a popular resource for truck drivers to find and bid on available loads. However, the use of load plates can have both positive and negative financial implications.

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In this article, we take an in-depth look at charge boards and provide important tips for maximizing your profit per charge. We also answer some frequently asked questions about flatbed trucks and the trucking industry.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or aspiring truck driver, read on to learn how to maximize your income in the trucking industry.

What are load plates and how do they work?

Load Boards are online marketplaces that connect shippers, brokers and carriers in the freight industry. These are platforms that display available shipments from shippers who are looking for shipments that carriers can bid on. Truck drivers select loads to bid on based on criteria such as preferred routes, equipment options and prices offered.

Loading boards provide shippers with a convenient and efficient way to search available carriers and carriers for available shipments.

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Depending on the service provider, they can offer transport companies a range of services, including:

  • payment processing
  • documentation management
  • Track shipments in real time

Loading panels also provide useful tools and features for shippers and carriers, such as custom search filters, truck rates, payment guarantees, and rating systems.

Overall, loading docks are an integral part of the freight industry, providing shippers and carriers with a platform to connect and do business efficiently.

Pros and cons of using load plates


  • access to cargo: Cargo Boards provide a wide range of available cargo, making it easier to find and secure jobs.
  • Reduced idle: Effective load balancing enables truck drivers to reduce empty runs, thereby optimizing vehicle utilization and profitability.
  • flexibility: Truck drivers can find loads that fit their schedules, preferred routes and the type of equipment they use.
  • insight into the market: Freight boards can provide information about current market prices for different routes and loads.
  • network expansion: Truck drivers can connect with more carriers and freight brokers, potentially leading to new business relationships.


  • High competition: Many truck drivers use flatbeds, leading to a lot of competition and possibly lower prices.
  • Depersonalized Relationships: Over-reliance on loading docks can prevent truck drivers from forming long-term, personal relationships with shippers or freight brokers.
  • potential for fraud: Not all loadboards thoroughly screen their users, which can lead to potential risksfraud or scam.
  • Subscription FeesNote: Some forums charge high subscription fees, which can be a burden, especially for independent operators or small businesses.
  • Seeks: Over-reliance on load tables can result in a reactive business model where loads are always chasing rather than strategically planning routes and loads.

How to calculate freight rates and provide reasonable offers for loads

There are a few general steps to follow when calculating rates correctly and bidding for loads.

  1. Determine your costs

Before you offer towing, you need to know your costs. This includes everything from fuel costs to maintenance and repairs to your truck. Use the transportation cost calculator to determine your average transportation costs per mile.

  1. Research market prices

Once you know your costs, research the market truckload rates for the type of load you are bidding on. Check out industry publications and online forums for uploads. Then contact a freight broker to find out how much other carriers charge for similar loads.

  1. Evaluate the load characteristics

When bidding for shipping, consider the distance, weight and time sensitivity of the cargo. A higher tariff may be required for loads that require rapid recovery or are particularly heavy.

  1. Set your tariff

Set your price based on your transport costs, the full load rate in the market and the characteristics of the load. Make sure you set competitive prices for your services while covering your costs and leaving room for profit.

  1. Submit your offer

Once you've set your price, send your offer to the broker or consignor. Make sure you include all relevant information, e.g. B. price, estimated delivery time and any restrictions or requirements.

  1. Negotiate

If the initial offer isn't accepted, be prepared to negotiate. Be prepared to make concessions, such as offering a lower rate for a larger volume of cargo, to ensure a profitable relationship with the broker or shipper.

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6 tips for finding cheap freight

Every truck driver wants to find the best paying truckload. Here are some tips for booking the best cargo panel jobs.

Build a niche

One way to increase profitability is to focus on niche markets. Specializing in a certain type of cargo can help you find well-paying cargo. For example, shipping dangerous goods or oversized cargo may be more expensive than shipping regular cargo.

Maintain good relationships

relationships are everything. Build relationships with brokers when bidding for shipping. They act as an intermediary between the shipper and the carrier. Building a good relationship with a broker can help you get consistently well-paying loads.

understand market prices

Knowing your price is also important. Find out about the market prices for different types of transport and calculate your costs. This will help you negotiate better prices for the most profitable loads in your freight contract offers.

Use technology

Another idea for cost-effective freight booking is to use freight matching software. It can help you find the best load for your route and gear. It can also help you avoid low-paying loads by filtering out loads that don't match your criteria.

Avoid the spot market

Be careful to avoid spot market charges when bidding on freight. These are loads that are delivered for immediate pickup by the carrier. They often pay low rates as a large number of providers compete for them.

Reduce dead kilometers

Finally, consider deadlock miles when bidding on shipments. These are the kilometers you cover without a load. Try to minimize them as much as possible by finding cargo that will take you to your next destination. This allows you to increase your profits in competitive transportation.

Get more profit with cargo pallets

The effective use of pallets can make a big difference for your trucking company. Understand how to make the most of the benefits they offer and be aware of potential downsides. By using the tips above, you can ensure that you are making as much money as possible from the work you put into your business.

Read more in our How to get the most out of Cargo Panels article series.

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How do I find truckloads?

Searching for truckloads can be done through various online truckload exchanges and freight marketplaces that cater to light trucks and smaller loads. You can find the best truck loading plates hereIn this article.

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How do freight brokers find freight?

Freight brokers find freight primarily through relationships with shippers who need goods to ship. They also use load boards, online platforms where shippers post their loads to be shipped. In addition, they can use industrial connections,Networkingand marketing efforts to identify new opportunities and potential customers.

What is a carrier?

A freight forwarder (also called a logistics dispatcher) is a person who manages the transportation of goods or cargo for a company or an individual. Your main job is to coordinate the movement of cargo from one location to another at the loading docks for the shippers and ensure it arrives at its destination on time and on budget.

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